Care And Repair

We offer free repairs for all our items. We do not offer replacement for any lost parts

Silver tarnishes when exposed to air. All silver jewellery will tarnish over time, this is due to a chemical reaction known as oxidisation. It is what creates a blue/brown look to your silver. The use of cosmetic products whilst wearing your jewellery may also affect the colour of your pieces - silver can react with chemicals in these products and produce such oxides forming a darker color. With gentle care, your precious metal will always retain its beauty and shine. We recommended cleaning your jewellery regularly to keep your pieces in pristine condition.

To enhance the life of your sterling silver jewellery, the following steps are advised: Avoid contact with all liquids and chemicals, such as perfume, sea water, vinegar, ammonia, chlorinated pool water, hair spray, moisturizers, .… Contact with these substances will increase the rate at which tarnishing occurs. Always protect your jewellery from sharp blows, scratching, chemicals and heat/cold, especially humidity. While storing your jewellery, make sure it’s completely dry and kept in the soft cloth pouch provided. This will protect it from scratches and help to slow the tarnishing process. Try to keep pieces apart so they don't rub together. To further reduce the tarnishing effect, it is preferable to store your silver jewellery in an airtight box. A useful tip is to put your jewellery on last when getting dressed or ready to go out, i.e., after you’ve used any hair spray, body spray or perfume, as these products can tarnish it

Cleaning silver jewellery is best done with a professional jewellery cleaning product. The tarnishing effect can be removed easily by buffing with a sliver jewellery cloth or using a silver cleaning product like a Silver Dip. Just dip your jewellery item into the liquid and within seconds it removes all of the tarnish. Important note: For our pieces which have hand etched finishes - try to avoid rubbing the pieces with a jewellery cleaning cloth, this may affect the finish on the surface of your piece.

If you still have any questions regarding your jewellery care, please feel free to drop us a line at care@ranamikdashi.com


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